Shares remain vulnerable to a short term pull back as sentiment towards them remains very high, Trump related uncertainty will be with us for a while and various European elections could create nervousness in coming months.

However, we see share markets trending higher over the next 12 months helped by okay valuations, continuing easy global monetary conditions, fiscal stimulus in the US, some acceleration in global growth and rising profits.


Still low yields and capital losses from a gradual rise in bond yields are likely to see low returns from bonds. Australian bonds are preferred to global bonds reflecting higher yields and as the RBA is well behind the Fed in raising rates.


Commercial property and infrastructure are likely to continue benefitting from the ongoing search for yield, but this demand will wane as bond yields trend higher over the medium term.
National residential property price gains are expected to slow to around 3-4% this year, as the heat comes out of the
Sydney and Melbourne and rising apartment supply hits.


Cash and bank deposits are likely to continue to provide poor returns, with term deposit rates running around 2.5%.


The $A has had a short term bounce as the $US corrected from overbought levels. This could go further and see a retest of $US0.78. However, the downtrend in the $A from 2011 is likely to resume as the interest rate differential in favour of Australia narrows & it undertakes its usual undershoot of fair value. Expect a fall below $US0.70 by year end.